SaladThe number one reason people come to me for personal training and coaching is weight loss. Let’s face it — we live in a culture where food, usually the kind loaded with extra fat and sugar, is all around us, constantly enticing us to eat more than we need and more often than we should!

Nothing would please me more than to help you achieve your goal of losing weight. Like anything else in life, it requires a plan. To help you get started, I’ve prepared daily menus and a recipe guide to follow for the first two weeks of a calorie-reduced, flavor-packed weight loss kick-in-the-pants! If you will strictly follow this plan, you will lose weight. Guaranteed. And you’ll find that you still enjoyed the pleasure of eating, with the added psychological benefit of knowing that you can, indeed, achieve a goal that has eluded you for far too long!

To download the pdf file (eight pages) please click here. And when you’re ready to add Personal Training or LifeStyle Coaching™ to your weight loss plan, click here to send me an email to set up your free consultation appointment.

Weight Loss