Mountain ClimbingLet me ask you a personal question: What do you dream about doing? Or perhaps the better question is this: What dream have you given up on?

Did you once want to run a marathon? Climb Mt Everest? Hike the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine? Or are your dreams more along these lines: “I want to fit in my wedding dress for our 15th wedding anniversary.” “I want to look great for my 25th high school reunion.” “I want to take my grand kids to Disney World — and have all the energy and stamina I need to keep up with the magic!”

Whatever your dream, I can help you achieve it. Special Event Training is a highly focused, timeline driven plan of action that works backwards from the date of your special event, to put together the steps necessary to get you in the shape you deserve to be in. Let me help you make your dream a reality! Don’t waste another moment. Call me (501.352. 3241) or email me and let’s get started now!

Special Event Training